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Deshaun Swindell, talent scout
As the talent scout I aim to find new talent and create new avenues for the artist.We bring out the best of an indivisual.
Rahsaan Butler, booking agent
If your looking to book SG magazine or any of there affliated recording artist or models  contact me. I'll make sure you get the best presentation, or performance at a  reasonable rate.
  Scrilla Guerillaz (SG’Z)  was founded in New York City in 2001 by Jesse Swidell along with brothers Gilbert and Lucas Alvarez. In 2009 Scrilla Guerillaz was re-invented and established as Scrilla Guerillaz Entertainment and magazine Company (S.G.E.M) and is currently owned and operated by Jesse Swindell, better known as Lord Daze. S.G.E.M has been affiliated with such companies as Heart Felons Entertainment, Tupac, Watty Tv, Racked Up Music Group, Diamond Girls Club, Niteline Radio, I.M.F Radio, International Minds and many more. 

SCRILLA GUERILLAZ ENTERTAINMENT & MAGAZINE is family-owned and operated in New York. We  currently offer digital and physical distibuition for our recording artist, latest projects and magazines in several states and major cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleavland, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York and South Carolina. We are a ambitious company, on the rise and making major moves, check us out for your own personal growth and development. We offer a wide range of services, all guaranteed to you with a professional experience. We stand to stand out, let us stand for you!
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Terror Stone, Recording Artist
Hip Hop recording artist, Bronx NY.
Delivering that gutter sound to the SG camp.

Jesse Swindell aka Lord Daze, 
Senior Director of Operations
Charles Canada,  Director of Production
Im dedicated to bringing that new sound to this industry and bringing the best out of an artist . Rather it's rap or R&B I supply that quality sound, music, and engineering that every artist needs to take their career to that next level.
D.J. Neek Dollaz a.k.a The Turn it Up King
Scrilla Guerillaz lead D.J. spinning on the 1's and 2's at the hot spots through out  NYC. For all event booking and mixtape hosting visit
Holly Raven, chief writer
Chief writer and editor for S.G. Magazine.  Responcible for the What's Hot and What's Not column and the Holla if you hear Holly files. Raven also conducts the interveiws for the featured artst and models in the S.G. magazine.
Jaye Swift, Vice President 
writer/ S.G. West coast jounalist/ Celebrity photographer
The hip hop philisopher / nationally published best selling author of " But you can't enslave my thinking"
delivers some of the most inspirational views and stories to the Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine.

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Recording Artist, Writer, Publisher
Kev- Action, Business Consultant
When it comes to negotiating sponcors, indorcements, and business promotional packages, 
Kev- Action makes sure our clients get the best prices and services available. " My job is make sure all of our clientale and future clients are represented  with  the upmost quality".
Jenny Rich, Publicist

Conducts on-line and face to face interviews for potential artist and models to be featured in the Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine. She also is responsible for the "Whats Ya Scope ( Horoscope)" column.