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Scrilla Guerillaz Entertainment & Magazine
 Here at Scrilla Guerillaz we strive to ensure you receive professional treatment with competitve pricing. Over the years we have worked hard to established a positive reputation. We are known for promoting an ecletic array of indviduals and 

companies. Here at Scrilla Guerillaz we cherish and welcomes the opportunity to work with various artists both established and on the rise.  
 Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine and Entertainment Company  is an organization that promotes a wide range of individuals including but not limited to vocal artists, entrepreneurs, models and entertainment companies.  In order to provide our readers with a range of high quality and diverse material we cover high profile events and hard to obtain personal interviews. We pride ourselves on being the voice of the underground. Our dedicated and experienced staff partner with you in a collaberative effort to ensure your purpose is displayed with style and quality and has a visual impact that the readers will not forget! 
Contact us via email. Or call our marketing director 856-655-8855 for submissions and rates.


With the too often view of the black man as one who is uneducated, improper, or any other way “ignorant” the new SG Magazine series serves as a stage to highlight what we black men truly are.

We are men refined in class, etiquette, and style. We hold ourselves true to the ideals of great character, kindness, integrity, and chivalry.

We are gentleman.
Sophisticated Gentlemen (SG) Magazine Under the Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Umbrella coming sooner than later. Featuring the Queen of the Dangerzone Joseline Hernandez and new business Partner hit maker Stevie J, plus actor John Bezzara and more..

Tune in to season 4 of Love and Hiphop Atlanta as Scrilla Guerillaz Ceo Daze introduces his newly launched branch SG Magazine. SG Magazine makes its depute on VH1 April 21st...